Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Storm Born by Amy Braun

It's amazing to be reviewing Amy's books for her, Amy is an extremely talented writer bringing the unthinkable to life.

I really enjoyed reading Storm Born it was witty even when the situation deemed unhumorous, incredibly visual throughout the entirety of the book and was just all round perfection.

I think it was great that Amy had the storm in the book personally because that sort of devastation is real in real life and from my point of view I only see these sort of storms on the news. This book has helped me understand the devastation that happens when these sort of storms happen.

The book is based on a lady called Ava who lives in Florida, Ava and her family are normal but the world is anything but. The Centennial has arrived, storms across the world appear Dust storms, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards rack the entire world reaching havoc and destruction by aliens called the Stormkind. Nowhere is safe.

Ava and her family are hit by a massive ocean flood through Florida making it life threatening for those who didn't win the special safe guard lottery or those who are not rich to find a proper place to hide and be safe. Ava and her dad need to get the family into the basement but because of her dads back they cannot shut the iron heavy door.

They have to make a decision, who goes down to the basement with Ava's mum and little brother, or who tries to shut the door and stop the flood coming into their home. Ave makes the decision to try and shut the door making her dad go safely to the basement but she can't shut the iron door and the flood keeps pooling in the house. Ava decides to leave the house and go to one of the Storm Protection Union stations to try and get help.

Things go drastically wrong when Ava tries to swim in the flood where she finds a Stormkind wreaking havoc from across the street, he controls the storm making the flood and lightning more intense when he wants the storm to. The stormkind finds Ava's neighbour, using his powers the stormkind brings her neighbour to him and sucks his life away.

Ava can't believe what she has just witnessed it was said that these creatures were not real even when there was photos no one believe they were real. Until now. The stormkind notices Ava and wants her, he manipulates the flood so that Ava gets closer and closer to hime, there is no doubt that he wants to kill her.

Out of sheer luck someone saves her from the Stormkind or that is what she thinks until the mystery saviour puts a dagger through her chest. Ava wakes up in agony and a foggy memory not knowing that she had been unconscious and missing for a week.

Things get stranger and stranger for Ava, people want to kidnap and kill her, a mysterious guy hands her a dagger to protect herself.

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