Friday, 1 April 2016

Denai Bound by Tiffany Shand

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I am personally so happy for the fact that the main character Cate is so strong mentally but also physically, to me this is such an important aspect. Cate has an unwavering strongness which makes me love Cate just that much more. 

The history of Denai is remarkably well put together enriching the story but also empowering the sense of reality in Denai Bound. The second book has a smooth transition from the first book not straying or confusing me even with the time gap of reading both books which made the reading process even more enjoyable. 

In Denai Bound I am indulged by all the questions Denai Touch left me clutching waiting for answers that I had been left wanting to know.

For Cate this is one of the most hardest times, having to come to terms with the situation at hand Cate has to become the Grand Mistress. Luckily Cate's mum steps in as a temporary Grand Mistress to relieve the stress.

As well as taking on such a massive amount of responsibility Cate has to deal with the emotional roller-coaster that is marriage which is a difficult aspect for Cate as in the past she has hated the idea of a relationship let alone marriage.

Strange events unfold as more and more of the coverns council dissapear one after another making the covern not trust Cate and feel she is to young and unreliable for such a thing as Grand Mistress. Can Cate and the team solve this mystery before it's to late?.

I loved reading Denai Bound Just as much as I loved Denai Touch, I really appreciated the fact that Denai Bound was just as exciting and thrilling as Denai Touch and is a brilliant second book to lead on with.

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