Thursday, 28 January 2016

Denai Touch by Tiffany Shand

I am so honoured to review this book, I got offered the opportunity by the author to review Denai Touch and I am so lucky to be able to work with Tiffany the author.

The way the author has created this amazing world that is so detailed and real is just incredible. There is a strong mental image throughout the whole book it's like Tiffany has drawn these images and entwined them with the words.

You get entranced in the book pretty quickly when Cate is battling the evils of her world with her brothers and best friend Jade. Cate is deemed to be the next Grand Mistress after her Gran passes away, she will be the most powerful Denai alive. Of course being the next Grand Mistress comes at a price many want Cate dead and will stop at nothing to take her power.

Cate needs Jason more than ever he's her best friend and he is always there when something goes wrong, Jason is so supportive of Cate and they have such a great connection and bond. But will they see it?

I love how you can dip your feet into reality and fiction at the same time, the connection between Jason and Cate is just so overpowering it makes you mentally connected to the both of them begging them to like each other.

The book is so engaging it had my full attention the whole time and around every corner there is something new arising you can barely come up for breath.

When you read the book you become Cate you root for what she believes in and Cate comes alive and I really love to feel like I'm the actual character it makes reading such an amazing experience and Tiffany has got that down to a T.

Great read.
Anastasia x

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